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Bourbon whiskey is a product of America, made from a mash bill of at least 51% corn and stored in charred new oak barrels.

Hardway Bourbon, The anvil photo on the label is from the Anvil that has been in distiller Matt Montgomery's family for at least 5 generations; represents the hard work that has gone into making this bourbon.  


  • I thought Bourbon could only be made in Kentucky?

A common misconception, probably from seeing so many "Kentucky Bourbon" labels, but Bourbon can be made anywhere in the US and still be called Bourbon. Much like Tequila is a product of Mexico, Scotch is a product of Scotland, etc... Bourbon is a product of the United States. We could have put "Arizona Bourbon" on our label; however, the grain did not come from AZ (at least not yet) so we left it as fermented, distilled and bottled in AZ. 

  • Bourbon has to be aged at least 2 years!

That is true of a Straight Bourbon or any Straight Whiskey. When it comes to whiskey, Straight means it is aged at least 2 years. Which is also why you should order your whiskey "Neat" for without ice and leave "straight up" for the martini.