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 ​Arizona in a Bottle!

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Spirits, In the Works

   Agave Black - Traditionally tequilas are aged in used bourbon barrels, but what happens if you age your Agave spirits in a new barrel?  Want to know? So do we! And well, we are a distillery so we put our American made Agave spirit in a new barrel.

   Hardway Bourbon - We've been wanting to do Bourbon since we opened our doors. We had a mash cooker that the false bottom failed... imagine grain packed and stuck everywhere. Needing new equipment, it took 9 months to get an SBA loan and 4 months to build a new brew system (and you thought barrel aging took a long time)... Tired of waiting and the delays, distiller Matt started to make the bourbon "the hard way" without the fancy mash cooker. 

Agave Reposado
Agave Silver
Sonora Silver