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Listed below are some cocktail ideas. Use these, create your own (send an email to cocktails@threewellsdistilling.com and we will share your creations). However you like it served, neat, in a cocktail, we believe our products are best served with friends. Enjoy and drink responsibly.


Sonora Silver Cocktails

Prickly Pear Margarita (or Sonora-garita):

Sonora Silver

Triple Sec

Lime Juice

Simple syrup

    (or substitute Margarita Mix for Lime Juice and Simple syrup)

Serve frozen, on the rocks or straight up

Tucson Painkiller:  (Submitted by Diana H.)

Sonora Silver

4 parts Pineapple Juice

1 part Creme of Coconut

1 part Orange Juice

Sonora That:

Muddle cilantro in tin, add to pint glass with ice:

2 oz Sonora Silver, 

1 oz Jalapeno Simple

1 oz Sweetened Lime

Top with Soda water

Sprinkle Tajin and stir, add Lime Garnish

Mango Dream: (Video link)

Fill pint glass with ice, add:

2 oz Sonora Silver

Top with Mango Nectar

Sprinkle in Sea Salt and Tajin, drop in Chamoy or other hot sauce

Stir and garnish with Lime

Shirley Pricked (Created  by Ken'te):
1.5 oz Three Wells Sonora Silver
Splash of Grenadine
Lemon Lime Soda (or Ginger Ale)

Sonoran Screwdiver:             Sonora Sunrise:

Sonora Silver                             Pour the Sonora and orange juice into glass over ice. Add grenadine, Orange Juice                             which will sink to the bottom. Do not stir.

Silk Purse (Created and Available at Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink / Tough Luck Club):
Sonora Silver, Sloe Gin, Lime, Grapefruit, Egg white, Soda, Orange blossom

Sonora Mule

2 oz Sonora Silver

4 oz Ginger Beer

Squeeze of lime

Garnish with lime wedge

​Otra Sonora

1 shot of Sonora Silver in one Sierra Nevada Otra Vez beer