Listed below are some cocktail ideas. Use these, create your own (send an email to and we will share your creations). However you like it served, neat, in a cocktail, we believe our products are best served with friends. Enjoy and drink responsibly.



We put Arizona in a bottle with our unique craft


premium Craft

Sonora Copper, on the rocks

Sonora Copper


Serve with a smile

Sonora Copper, neat

Sonora Copper

Serve with a big smile

Shirley Pricked

Fill pint glass with ice, add:

1 1/2 oz Sonora Copper

Fill with Sprite

Drizzle Grenadine

Garnish with a Cherry

Burnt Martini

3 oz Mt.Lemmon Gin

3/4 oz Sonora Copper

1/4 oz Vermouth

Swirl Vermouth in martini glass, pour out into tin. Add 3-4 rocks, Mt.Lemmon Gin and Sonora Copper. Swirl in tin or stir, strain into glass. Garnish with 3 Olives on a toothpick.

Old Pueblo

1 oz Sonora Copper
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Simple Syrup (or 1 sugar cube)
Few dashes plain water​

Vanilla Throwback

Sonora Copper

Root Bear

Serve over ice

Cherry Copper

Sonora Copper

Cherry Coke

Serve over ice

Copper & Coke

Sonora Copper

Coke (Coca~Cola)