When the market crash of 2008 closed down Co-founder/Distiller Matt Montgomery’s prior business, it also inhibited his financial ability to buy the high end Tequilas he had come to love. Being a resourceful man, Matt decided to learn how to make his own. After many disappointing attempts and a week-long training with Artisan Craft Distilling Institute, finally drinkable spirits were made!

While Matt was driving home on a sunny summer evening, he saw miles of ripe wild prickly pear fruit covering the desert landscape ready for harvest. He thought of his wife, Ken’te, who enjoys eating the fruit picked fresh off the cactus; Thorns and All! (That part is a joke folks). Knowing she didn’t enjoy his whiskeys, as he thought of the love of his life, his love for making craft spirits, and all of this naturally occurring desert fruit, it came to him that "I bet I could make a spirit out of that!" And that is the story of how Sonora was born. From love!

Co-founder/Chemist and longtime friend of Matt’s, Chris Dudding took notice of this exceptional spirit made from the bountiful desert and together, Three Wells Distilling Co was born! By using AZ ground water from from Well#3 on Chris’ property off of Three Wells Court in Sahuarita, AZ, Matt and Chris set out to create a line of spirits their customers can be proud of.

At Three Wells we use ground water from Well#3 on Three Wells Court, along with the finest AZ centric ingredients and the stills we hand build to craft our unique spirits putting Arizona in a bottle!

Three Wells Distilling Company

Distillery: 3780 E 44th Street #120, Tucson, AZ 85713

Hours; by appointment




Where to Find The Distillery

Our Mission is to produce the finest small-batch spirits available.  We believe that using traditional distillation methods, locally sourced groundwater and naturally occurring and Arizona sourced ingredients is the most honest way to produce our unique spirits.

At Three Wells Distilling Company we approach business just like we live our own lives – Use everything to its fullest and waste as little as possible.

From using spent ingredients to feed livestock and enhance our compost, to recycling cooling water, we strive to be responsible and provide our customers with an honest, quality spirit they can be proud of!

“Be proud of your Spirit”®


We offer tours, distilling classes and tastings by appointment. Call to schedule.


about us

LOcally owned and operated

Chris and Matt started Three Wells Distilling Company in 2013. After a lot of government approvals, setup and hard work the first batch of craft distilled spirits was made in 2015. We are working diligently to make it a successful and popular craft-distillery where you can get spirits you can be proud of.

Featured Spirits

Three Wells Distilling Company 

  • Sonora (Prickly Pear Fruit)
    - Sonora Silver
    - Sonora Copper 
    - Sonora Gold
  • 100% Blue Agave Spirits
    - Silver
    - Reposado
    - Anejo (coming 2018)
  • Mt Lemmon  Gin
  • Old Tom Gin
  • Vodka
  • AZ Craft Whiskeys​ (coming early 2018)




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We put Arizona in a bottle with our unique craft