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Mt. Lemmon Gin

A very distinctive gin. Mt. Lemmon Gin has a smooth mild “Christmas in the monsoon rains” aroma. The complex flavor combination of mild juniper, desert rain, hint of citrus and lingering warmth only come from five botanicals. Mt. Lemmon Gin has been described by many as the one gin they could “just drink neat or on the rocks” because most gins need to be mixed.

Fermented, Distilled, and Bottled by Three Wells Distilling Company. We use our own crafted spirits, not someone else's. First we mash, ferment from corn, perform three distillation runs, complete with heads & tails cuts. Then a fourth distillation run using Arizona botanicals in a Gin Basket putting Arizona in a Bottle. - Be proud of your spirits!

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We put Arizona in a bottle with our unique craft