Three Wells Distilling Company is an Arizona producer of quality small batch craft distilled products with a focus on "Putting Arizona in a Bottle". The name comes from the source of water we use, well water from the 3rd well on Three Wells Court in Sahuarita, Arizona. Our distillery is located at 3780 E 44th St. #120 in Tucson Arizona.

  Our Distillery is a production site and does not have regular hours, call 520-205-1363 to schedule a tour & tasting. Our great products are available throughout Arizona and can be found here at "where to find" tab. While we enjoy your company and welcome you, please call as to schedule a tour. We are not regularly open because we are primarily a producer and focus on making quality spirits and distribution into AZ establishment more conveniently located near you!

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April 2nd, Booze Traveler Season 4 episode 13 "Southwest Spirits"

April 4-7th, Country Thunder! - We're the Vodka Sponsor, see you there.

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Latest release!  Hardway Bourbon! Available at our distillery

Our AZ Distributor is Hensley Beverage Company

Old Tom Gin

   We start with a corn-based spirit that arrives at Three Wells at about 196 proof. We then cut it 80% spirit to 20% water from our own Well #3 and re-distill it through juniper, cardamom, orange and other classic botanicals in a “vapor infusion” process in our copper stills handmade by distiller Matt Montgomery. It is then cut to 80 proof using our water from Well #3 in Sahuarita, AZ and hand bottled.

  •  Slightly sweet with juniper, cardamom, and orange notes and a smooth finish.
  • Perfect for classic gin cocktails where London Dry is inappropriate.

    Three Wells is currently developing several artisan gins as well as distilling, barreling, and aging our high wheat bourbons. Rums are also in the future as well as an ultra-aged agave spirit.

    “Our goal with everything we do is to capture the story and spirit of Arizona in a bottle, and this gin is the next exciting chapter of a story that we’ve only begun to tell.”


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We put Arizona in a bottle with our unique craft