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COO, Distiller

Growing up in Tucson, Matt was inspired to combine his passion for the desert and its unique plants and biodiversity with his love of fine spirits. After graduating in 2013 from the Artisan Craft Distilling Institute, which has trained many of the Country’s top craft distillers, the dream of Three Wells Distilling Company was born.

Matt Montgomery, Co-Founder

Christopher Dudding, an AZ native, has always had a thirst for knowledge. As a child, he was the proverbial nerd; aced classes, was in GATE (gifted and talented education) and could be found playing chess in library while others were out playing sports. It is no surprise that he went on to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry and, while working full time as a chemist for a Fortune 500 company, a Master’s of Science in Material Science & Engineering and completed the McGuire Entrepreneurship program from the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Business. At some point, he discovered that alcohol subsided his social anxieties, but not all adult beverages were of a high quality or pleasant flavor.  When his friend Matt Montgomery wanted to start a craft distillery, it was a natural fit with Chris’ background; his McGuire education, vast knowledge and experience in the sciences, combined with his passion for great tasting artisanal craft spirits to form Three Wells Distilling Company. 

CEO, Chemist

Chris Dudding, Co-Founder


We put Arizona in a bottle with our unique craft