Three Wells co-founder and distiller Matt had acquired a taste for premium Tequilas while in business as Owner/Founder of Custom Woodworking. The market crash of ‘08 caused his business to close down for good, and his ability to buy his favorite spirits. Being a resourceful Man, he thought to himself “How hard can it be to make my own?” Turns out, it is! But he didn’t know it at the time. Before attempting to make an Agave Spirit (Tequila can only be made in Mexico), he decided he had better learn how to distill with simpler, more economical ingredients. Some early renditions of spirits were quite unpleasant, but determined he attended a week long class with Artesian Craft Distilling Institute in Washington state, which lead to much better spirits, and years later, the formation of Three Wells Distilling Company. His quest has finally led to the production of Agave Spirits.

Dreams do come true! 


 80 proof spirits made by fermenting 100% Blue Agave sourced from Jalisco Mexico. 

The Agave is diluted with Three Wells Water (From the 3rd well on Three Wells Court in Sahuarita, AZ), yeast and yeast nutrient are added to begin fermentation, love those little yeast. After fermentation it is then distilled twice with a stripping run followed by a spirit run. 

Agave Silver is unaged, 80 proof spirit made from 100% Blue Agave. 

Agave Reposado is short aged in used bourbon barrels, more than 3 months, less than a year

Agave Anejo is aged over a year

Some people put a lot of acclaim to winning competitions and having spirits that get Medals. We think the best judge of what you like, is you. With that being said, here are the medals Agave has won. 

 - Agave Silver received a Silver Medal in the "All Other Agave Spirits" category in the 2016 Denver International Spirits Competition - One other spirit in this category received a medal which was also a silver medal. Remember, it is not Tequila. Are these judges biased, because they know the category...? We think the best judge of what you like is you.

Agave Q&A

Isn't this Tequila?

No. While it is made from 100% weber blue agave like Tequila is, there are differences in our fermentation and distillation processes. Also, Tequila is a regional specific name and can only be made in Mexico (Hench en Mexico) under the authority of the Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM) regulations. We make our Agave Silver in Arizona, USA. Under US law it is a "Distilled Spirits Specialty". Other differences are tequila producers traditionally roast their piñas imparting a smoke flavor, and then extract the nectar. At Three Wells we use the Raw Agave Nectar which has been steamed, not smoked. Additionally, we ferment with a higher Brix (a measure of sugar content) than traditional Tequila's and during distillation we make generous heads and tails cuts to remove what is to us, an undesirable flavor, where traditional tequila includes the extra brine-y-ness. So no, it is not tequila. However, it is made from the same base so it does have similar flavor characteristics of tequila.

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